Clean Sponge - 3 Month Pack

Clean Sponge - 3 Month Pack

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Our super soft Clean Sponge is made from microfiber material and is extra gentle on your skin. Say goodbye to chemical ridden face wipes girls!!

This delicate lil sponge will remove ALL of your makeup with only the need for water, and save you money at the same time. Watch your makeup wash away with only a gentle wipe of your sponge - just like magic!  Yes, even your mascara!

Your Clean Sponge should be used for around 1 month before being replaced, and that is why we have created a super easy 3 month pack (3 sponges) - so you don't ever have an excuse for using face wipes.

After each use of your Clean Sponge all you need to do is rinse with water and hang to dry! You can also machine wash your sponge once a week to keep it in prime condition.

Please note: Konjac Sponge (pictured) not included in this pack.