Step 2 / Hydrate Me. Enzyme Toner - Aging or Pigmented Skin

Step 2 / Hydrate Me. Enzyme Toner - Aging or Pigmented Skin

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***Step 2 / Hydrate Me. Enzyme Toner - 125ml***SOLD OUT

Our Enzyme Toner is currently sold out and our new formula is almost ready to go, in the meantime you can either purchase our Quench Me. Toning Mist or go on the back order list for our brand new and amazing Skin Mist. 

A fruit-infused toning mist designed to offer gentle daily exfoliation and hydration. Organic Papaya Extract is our secret ingredient to a glowing complexion, with active natural enzymes to dissolve dead skin (which make skin appear dull and can often lead to breakouts!) A true delight to the senses, spray this beautiful mist directly onto your skin for a tropical essence of Lime, Sweet Orange and Bergamot ... it absorbs beautifully applied over freshly cleansed skin, bring on the Dewy Days!

Key Ingredients: Papaya, Pineapple & Apple

For a full list of ingredients please view our Product Ingredients page.

Our beautiful products are Australian made, 100% natural, organic, vegan and NEVER tested on animals!

Our products are active (which means they are working hard to reduce fine lines, sun damage and reverse the signs of aging) and in our humble opinion, an absolute necessity in your skincare!