Step 4 / Erase Me. Intensive Eye Cream - 30ml

Step 4 / Erase Me. Intensive Eye Cream - 30ml

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Step 4 / Erase Me. Intensive Eye Cream - 30ml 

An essential treat for the needy eye area!! Our intensive eye cream formulation contains Cucumber Oil to soothe and help to reduce puffiness, and Native Lemon Aspen to aid in strengthening capillary walls which can assist with reducing the effects of dark circles around the eye area. And THAT is why we call her Erase Me, Everyday Eyes - the absolute HERO of the day!! An essential step in any anti-aging routine for every age group (especially mums, entrepreneurs and those that don't drink coffee and/or margaritas!!)

Our beautiful products are Australian made, 100% natural, organic, vegan and NEVER tested on animals!

They are also active (which means they are perfect for reducing wrinkles and reducing the signs of aging) and in our humble opinion, an absolute necessity in skincare for people of all ages!