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A little diddy about KOAR Skin Therapy!

So, I want to tell you a story about how KOAR Skin Therapy came about...

It all started way back in 2004 when I decided to study Beauty Therapy, buuuut to be perfectly honest it wasn't all it was cracked up to be and it was a damn lot of bloody hard work!  It just wasn't for me.

A couple of years later my mum (who also studied with me) opened her own home salon providing advanced facials - YASSS, now this is where I found my calling and my passion!  Microdermabrasion and Microcurrent facials were ALL THE RAGE, and I really just loved helping people improve their skin tone & texture 😍 

It felt so good to see their results and to know that they were loving their appearance so much more as they noticed their lines and wrinkles slowly disappearing whilst their skin started looking more hydrated and evenly toned! 🙌 



(note: image is showing a MAJOR pore size reduction on Amy's cheek - to the right of her nose ring... and you will also notice an overall improvement in her skin tone after using KOAR for just 3 months!)

So naturally, I fell into selling someone else's products - MLM (multi level marketing).  Now, I have nothing against MLM businesses or their products, I actually really did love and believe in the brand that I was selling for - and I used the entire skin and body range for around 5 years!  But, something wasn't right... 🤔

It was a 'natural' range yet I couldn't understand the ingredients, it was super expensive yet it wasn't even stocked in Myer or DJs!  I wanted more for myself, for my friends and my family (who had all started using the range also)… and so I went searching for something 'more'. 👩‍💻 

I researched products, ingredients, wholesalers, suppliers, production companies, packaging, all of it - everything I needed to know, learn, educate myself to understand THE massive world that exists behind your face cleanser!  Because yep, there is A LOT going on there that you won't ever need to think about - as long as you trust the brand that you are putting on your face!

And that's where KOAR Skin Therapy was born.  I tried and tested the ingredients and a BIG range of different formulations on myself for over 4 weeks, I then had 3 of my nearest & dearest do the same, we all took before & after pictures, and we all saw the results... 🔥 

So 4 months into research and testing, here I was with the proof in my hot little hands, that I did in fact have this amazing formula to suit FOUR different women (of ages ranging from 30 to 60) with varying skin types, to change their skin so dramatically in such a short time - I was ECSTATIC, excited beyond what I can describe to you that I could bring my product range to the market and show everyone that a natural, organic, AFFORDABLE, Australian made skincare brand could also be anti-aging!!  Incredible! 💃 💃 💃 

(note: images are taken only TWO WEEKS apart of myself during the testing phase of KOAR, same daylight with no filter or makeup)

Less dark circles, massively reduced pigmentation, reduction in red capillary lines, smaller pores and an all round even, glow to their skin that wasn't there before.  Could this be real life? 🤩 

I couldn't wait - I launched my range to 10 of my favourite women and I got them on board testing and trialling the KOAR range.  I convinced them that my products were worth their time and money, and I showed them the proof.  They trusted me, they helped me get my dream off the ground and they transformed their skin within the first month of starting KOAR Skin Therapy.  For all of that I am forever grateful, you know who you are my OG KOAR Gals!!

😘 😘

Now generally speaking, as women we tend to fear aging, we fear going without makeup, we fear our dark spots and red blotches, our fine lines and wrinkles.  But is there any need?  Not really, not with a DAMN GOOD product range, not with the confidence that comes from being comfortable in your skin.  As women, we get better with age - and so can our skin!  All it takes is finding the right range, the products that work for your skin and your lifestyle, and BOOM baby - we've got you!! 💥 

Everyday KOAR Skin Therapy is helping change women's skin and build their confidence, and for that I am proud, grateful, happy, and super excited for the future of the KOAR brand!!

So, if you've got this far and you're not on board with KOAR and wanna try it out for yourself - you can get started here!

Much love, Tarin 💋