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Results from our #KOARGals

There is no need to just trust our word before you jump into using a new skincare range, here are some real life results + beautiful words from our amazing #KOARGals! 

Most of these before & after shots are just 2 weeks apart, and have NO filters on them.

Carleen says…
"Absolutely love my advanced anti-aging..."
Absolutely love my advanced anti-aging kit. Products glide on effortlessly and little product goes a long way, so less is more. Results on my skin were noticeable straight away. My skin was hydrated and fresh and over weeks is when I really noticed good things happening. Love my KOAR products.

Jade says...
"Zero to Hero"
I went from using basic skincare to this range and omg!! My skin went from ZERO to HERO in less than a month... amazing stuff I honestly can't recommend these products enough … the proof is in the picture … these products most definitely sell themselves with the clear changes in my skin colour, tone, hydration and everything about it! I constantly get told I am glowing and that is because of my must have KOAR skincare!!
Brooke says...
"Fabulous Gold Goods..."
Loved this product, made the fine line wrinkles on my forehead basically vanish. Made my skin look tight and fresh! Love Love Love.
Tarin says...
"Incredible 24K Gold products, I am obsessed"
The changes to my skin after only TWO uses of my 24K Gold Botox Face Mask are absolutely incredible! I cannot recommend this mask enough, it feels good whilst on and the results once I take it off are beyond... I am obsessed and countdown the days until I can put my gold mask back on again!! Absolute LOVE.
Amy says...
"4 days later my clear, glowing skin is back"
Environmental, hormonal, diet, sickness, and not taking good care of my micro needle roller caused a major skin breakout. I messaged the KOAR Love Club to ask what I could do to fix this. I had tiny red sore dots all over my face and I felt like I was 15 again! I followed the advice of the KOAR beauty expert and within 4 days of using my KOAR products as instructed my clear, glowing skin is back!
Review by Cheri on 17 Jun 2020 review stating No lines, instantly!
Cheri says...
"No lines, instantly!..."
I kept my Gold Mask on for about 6 hours and no word of a lie my forehead lines look like they had completely gone. I felt (and looked) fabulous. I went from granny to baby in half a day! Oh and don't worry, I still managed to do everything that I normally would whilst having my mask on, it was so easy. Great product, definitely onto a winner here!!


Sara says...  
"I felt a difference in my skin immediately..."
I’ve been using these products for 2 months now and am LOVING my fresh skin! I felt a difference in my skin immediately and within a few weeks could see the difference too. I find the products to be very gentle and easy to use with a gorgeous fragrance. Besides the daily use I love treating myself on the weekends with the mask or peel. Highly recommend for anyone looking to start a new skincare routine or gently introduce active products!
Tarin says...
"...finally I had found an eye cream that actually worked!!"  
Within days of using KOAR Skin Therapy I noticed my skin tone changing, my skin appeared brighter and more plump, my whole face appeared more full!  The bags and dark circles under my eyes (thanks children!) had reduced signifcantly - I actually couldn't believe the difference, I felt like I had been looking tired for YEARS and finally I had found an eye cream that actually worked!!
Amy says...
"My skin has never felt or looked healthier"
I tried many products over time to help me achieve "that glow". As well as solve a problem area of an enlarge pore on my face (that I was told only skin needling would fix). There is no doubt that KOAR Skin Therapy is the only range I will ever need or use from now on. My skin has never felt or looked healthier, and after only a short time of using it, my problem pore has shrunk in size dramatically - no need for expensive needling here. I feel like the pigmentation on my face has reduced a lot, and the dullness around my eyes is gone. All the products serve a fantastic purpose and the steps are incredibly easy to follow. Everything smells amazing and fresh, and knowing they are organic and natural seals the deal for me. Doing my skin routine every day feels like a treat to myself, I couldn't be happier with my skin and can’t wait to keep glowing for the rest of my days.

Shalamar says…
“I love that I’m going to look my age now in 10 years...”
Absolutely love the KOAR products they’re so bloody amazing! Firstly, the smell of the products are fabulous, I have found with previous products that I’ve used (and it’s a few haha) they don’t always smell delish but these smell DEEELISH! The products are no way heavy on the skin... it’s such an easy morning and night routine and then I get to treat myself to a Pink Clay Mask now and then. And I love that I’m going to look my age now in 10 years time because of it also being anti-ageing haha! Love my products so much and how it also fits within my budget... I highly recommend the KOAR range 🥰🙌🏻💕