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How to Get Clearer, Glowing Skin, Faster!!

Do you want an extra 10% OFF your KOAR products!!

Do you know how long your products shelf life are? 6 MONTHS.

So tell me, how long is it taking you to get through your products right now? If its longer than 6 months, they are NOWHERE near effective as they should be...

Why? For one, because they have past their use by date and so the high performing active ingredients that are keeping you looking younger are no longer working as effectively as they should be!

But also, because you are not using enough products in your daily routine AND/OR not being as consistent as you should be!

When you spend money on amazing, quality products the next thing you need to do is actually USE them the right way in order for them to be effective for your skin!

The last thing I want is for products to sit on your shelf not being used OR for you to use them but not be using enough.

I want you to see REAL RESULTS really fast!!

Now that is not to say to over use or waste products, because HELL NO, they are not THAT cheap!! To use just enough, to get the results, for your products to be working for your skin.

So how long should your products last? Around 4 months, and not too much longer... Any longer and you are not using your products effectively for a damn GOOD skincare routine that is making changes to your skin every single day!!

But what is this 10% discount about? For any of my KOAR Gals using their products effectively and reordering within 4 months I am rewarding you with 10% OFF your order!!

Its super simple to claim your discount, just pop an email through to us for your unique one off code to be used on your order!

A reward for better skin? YES, PLEASE!