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Skin Breakouts During COVID-19... *Spoiler Alert: Giveaway Inside*

So if I am right, we were all sitting here thinking WOW - I am gonna get the best skin of my life during self-iso!  No makeup + working from home = lots of time to apply face masks and allow my pores to breathe + my skin to repair. Right? Well, same!  But gal, were we WRONG!!

Where is our glowing skin gone and WHY has it been replaced with dry, flaky skin, tiny bumps and breakouts?!  GAHHHH!!

Let's start with the obvious one - our diet, nutrition & alcohol intake (gasp!)… it has increased ten fold and we are comfort eating more junk, we are indulging in an extra choccie and more than a few red wines, plus we are just lacking in our nutrition (only a tiny bit!).  So what happens to your skin when your diet is bad?  It becomes dehydrated and inflamed, it flakes or it breaks out - either way, it ain't fun!  Babe, put down the donut and take a step back...

Next up, some of us are getting a lot LESS exercise and Vitamin D... our gym has closed and Winter vibes are starting to set in with late sunrises & cold mornings so getting out of bed to get our jog on is a hell of a lot harder!  With the added element of working from home and home schooling the kids, the Vitamin D we would normally get from stepping out of the house for the school drop, grocery run or the 9 to 5 is A WHOLE LOT less!  Sunlight provides your skin with its much needed Vitamin D hit, your skin soaks up that shit like craaazy and not only does it help your skin to revitalise & repair itself but it is just so damn good for your brain + mental health - step out gal and get them vitamins for FREE baby!!

Lastly, and possibly the one you didn't really think would be an issue whilst you had more time than ever with nowhere to be, STRESS...  Yup, stress is a maaajor player in skin breakouts, and we are totally laying the blame on COVID-19 for this one!  Toilet paper shortage = stress, home schooling = stress, working from home whilst home schooling = STRESS, not being able to go to the pub on Friday afternoon following a week of juggling working from home and home schooling = well, you get the idea!  There are a lot of elements playing on your skin havoc right now but the number 1 issue for almost everyone facing changes to their skin is stress, even if you're not consciously feeling it!

So, what can we do?  Where can we make changes and bring back the glow?!  First up, ROUTINE... 

Lets implement a routine and stick to it, routines make everyday life easier and stressors lessen!  Here are some easy ones to start...

  1.  Adequate sleep - 8 hours gal
  2.  Lots of Vitamin D (sunshine!) and H2O (2-3L)
  3.  Less junk food + alcohol / More fruit + veg
  4.  Find 30, every single day, even if its just a stroll around the neighbourhood with your pooch!

And as for our skincare routine, well it's easy - if you're a KOAR gal, here is the plan of attack for a weekly routine that is really going to get you seeing some AMAZING changes in your skin:

  1. Use your daily Steps 1-5 in the morning (I recommend using your Hyaluronic Acid, Multi-Vitamin or your Vitamin C Serum for your morning Step 3).  Twice per week add your Exfoliating Crystals in with your Step 1 Cleanser.
  2. Use either your complete set of daily Steps 1-5 in the night OR your Clean Sponge + Konjac Sponge in replace of your first 2 steps and follow with your Step 3 Serum (I recommend using your Collagen or Vitamin A for your night Step 3), Step 4 Eye Cream & Step 5 Night Cream.
  3. Twice per week use your Enzyme Peel and leave it on for 5-10 minutes (this time dependant on if you are used to your Peel or not), followed by your Step 3 Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Step 4 Eye Cream and your Step 5 Night Cream.
  4. Once per week use your Micro Needle Roller followed by your Step 3 Collagen Serum, your Pink Clay Mask and your Anti-Aging Elixir.

And wellaaaaa, that is it!  So easy, so effective - get your skin glow ON!!  Write this down and pin it to your bathroom mirror, trust me within a week you will be all over it and it will feel like second nature.

So what if you're not a KOAR gal and you want to get onboard with us, you can get started on a really simple but VERY effective weekly routine here: Advanced Anti-Aging Kit.  But if you are a KOAR gal and you want to add to your collection to really amp up some skin changes over the next 4 weeks, check out the routine above and SHOP HERE for anything that you are missing.

NOW, for those that have made it this far I have a fire in my belly and I want to HELP MY SISTAS OUT!!  How you say?  Well, for anyone that is wanting to play along and follow our weekly routine above I am running a lil GIVEAWAY to get you on board.  Lets get our GLOW on gals!



For each picture you post of yourself doing your skincare routine tagging @koarskintherapy with the hastag #skincarethatworks #koarloveclub you will get an entry into our major prize draw to WIN an Accelerate Anti-Aging Kit (worth $222) full of all your favourite self care skin treats!!  Wanna level up and REALLY be in it to win it?

Post a video, and you will get TWO entries. 

Take a before & after picture, and post it on the last day of the compeition, and you will get FIVE BONUS entries.

Its that easy!!  Lets do this...  Competition starts now and ends in 4 weeks time!  So if you are a current KOAR gal, you have a headstart.  If you're just jumping on board the KOAR train and are yet to receive your products, we are upgrading you to Express Post for freeee baby, so in just a few days time you can get snappin' gal...

As always gals, much love from me - Tarin