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Why you need Vitamin A in your skincare routine...

There are so many amazing benefits of using Vitamin A (also commonly referred to as Retinoids) in your skincare routine...  And if you haven't heard yet - it is QUEEN of the anti-aging gal gang and is listed as one of the three essential Vitamins (along with C and E) for optimal skin health.
I will admit, I am a big fan of Vitamin A and I thoroughly believe if you find the right one for your skin, the results speak for themselves.
So what do I mean when I say the right one? It needs to be a product that is easily absorbed in the skin to a usable form of Vitamin A - and therefore, not going to cause you endless irritation.
Retinoids are well known for producing red, flaky skin, and therefore a lot of people avoid using them for fear of not understanding how to use them to maximise the amazing benefits.


So, what’s the secret to using this magical serum then?

The main thing is easing into using it slowly. Vitamin A serums should be started by using it only every second to third day initially. If you have sensitives skin, then start by just using your Vitamin A twice per week. Your skin will become used to the Vitamin A and in no time you will be using it every day.
But, what does Vitamin A actually do for your skin?
Retinoids work into the cells to help maintain the health of our skin. Vitamin A is especially good for ageing or acne prone skin, as well as pigmentation. 
The magic of Retinoids is that they work directly on the skins collagen and elastin, therefore against skin damage over time, giving you brighter, smoother and more youthful skin.
Vitamin A does increase skin cell turnover, and therefore some red and flaky skin is possible. If this happens, reduce the use of Vitamin A until it clears, and then slowly recommence. As your skin adjusts to the Vitamin A this will ease off.
Over time, Retinoids have been shown to:
Reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
Prevent UV damage and pigmentation developing
Clear acne symptoms and congested skin
Reduce the appearance of large pores caused by sun damage or congestion
Stimulate the skins natural collagen and elastin production
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